Leave cash behind with Federal Credit Union

Boost Sales. Reduce Costs. Make Customers Happier.

Give your customers the easiest way to buy cannabis — with their phones. No cash, no ATM, no worries.

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Leave cash behind with Spence.

A secure, mobile payment solution that helps you:

Increase sales

Give customers more flexibility than cash — to make add-on impulse purchases or break a Spence purchase into interest-free payments.

Reduce operational costs and risks of cash

Spence makes transactions more secure for your dispensary and your customers.

Build relationships

Cash doesn’t reveal who your customers are. Spence gathers valuable data to improve your business and contact customers.

Move faster

Expedite online and in-store ordering, pickup, and delivery. Funds are in your account in hours, not days.

Rest easier

Spence is backed via an FDIC-insured banking partner. It supports payments with thousands of banks.

How it works


Sign up on Spence

Enter your phone number and receive a verification code.



Select your bank, your account, and your PIN.


Scan to Pay

After placing your order (in-store or online), scan your unique QR code and enter your PIN. Funds are withdrawn automatically.

Spence works for online ordering, in-store purchase and pickup, and delivery.


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