Elevate your dispensary with modern digital payments.

Payment options for dispensaries are confusing for customers. We solve this problem by offering a safe, modern payment platform that uses rewards and ACH for contactless pay.

Customer First Approach

We deliver the experience that your customers expect. They will enjoy the convenience and safety of leaving their cash behind.

Simple Signup

Customers can sign up in your dispensary in a matter of minutes.


Customers will get rewarded for their loyalty to your dispensary.

Fewer Fees

Unlike other solutions, we are focused on the cannabis industry.

Our Solutions

Point of Sale Payment

Spence directly integrates with your POS system via 
our API providing secure, seamless transactions that deliver a great experience for your customers while streamlining your operations. All transaction details are tracked with meticulous detail to ensure compliance with regulations.

Ecommerce Integrations

Every other industry has the ability to transact online. Now, your dispensary does too. Whether you have partnered with a leading ecommerce provider or you have built your own custom solution, our “Powered by Spence” integration enables your customers to easily make online purchases, and then schedule their order for pickup or delivery.

Delivery Integrations

Safeguard your drivers from the dangers of carrying cash. Spence provides an easy way for customers to pay when ordering so that the product can be delivered without cash - reducing the health and safety risks associated with handling cash.

Pick-up Integrations

Quick, easy, & contact free. With Spence consumers can purchase product ahead of their arrival or pay at your location by using a QR code. Either way, the transaction is cashless and contact free - enabling your dispensary to safely handle more transactions per day.


Spence provides detailed reporting that allows your dispensary to easily view transaction events such as purchasing history, returns, promotions, discounts, tipping, donations, and more.

Why dispensaries love us

  • Reduces the amount of cash you have to juggle
  • Contact-free, COVID Safe payments
  • Spence uses bank-level SSL encryption to securely receive and transfer funds to your bank account in less than 24 hours.
Operational Efficiency
  • Reduces Operations Expenses
  • Streamlines Accounting (one banking relationship across multiple states)
  • Employees spend less time refilling ATM’s
  • Multi-state Compliance
Happy Customers
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Expedites Online Ordering and Delivery
  • Generates Higher Average Order Value

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Onboarding your dispensary is easy

We can get your dispensary up and running cash-free in less time than you'd expect.
Contactless Onboarding

We are able to onboard you during the pandemic to give your customers the experiences they are requesting.

Dedicated Onboarding Manager

We'll assign a dedicated onboarding manager to ensure your transition to cashless is smooth.

Bank Friendly

We will happily work with your bank, or connect you with our banking partners.

Not a dispensary? Let’s have a conversation. Spence is built to add payments to any platform – giving you the ability to generate new revenue.

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