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Instantly improve the customer experience by offering a safe, secure cashless payment option: the Spence digital payment platform.

Ecommerce Platforms

Every other industry has the ability to transact online. Now your dispensary does, too.

Whether you have partnered with a leading ecommerce provider or you have built your own custom solution, our “Powered by Spence” integration enables your customers to easily make online purchases, and then schedule their order for pickup or delivery.

Point of Sale

Spence’s diverse platform can handle virtually anything that happens on premise, including a dedicated POS system.

Spence directly integrates with your POS system via 
our API providing secure, seamless transactions that deliver a great experience for your customers while streamlining your operations. All transaction details are tracked with meticulous detail but also consumer anonymity to ensure compliance with regulations.


Compliance can be complex, but we’ve got a roadmap. We have long standing relationships with FDIC- and Federal Reserve–approved institutions.

Use our payment tools to unlock easier compliance reporting to your financial institutions.

Seed to Sale

In an exciting farming frontier with infinite possibilities, Spence is designed to scale with growth.

Why our partners love us

  • Reduces the amount of cash you have to juggle
  • Contact-free, COVID Safe payments
  • Spence uses bank-level SSL encryption to securely receive and transfer funds to your bank account in less than 24 hours.
Operational Efficiency
  • Reduces Operations Expenses
  • Streamlines Accounting (one banking relationship across multiple states)
  • Employees spend less time refilling ATM’s
  • Multi-state capable
Happy Customers
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Expedites Online Ordering and Delivery
  • Generates Higher Average Order Value

Let’s grow together.

Join our growing number of happy customers and learn how kind Spence can be for your business.
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